Friday, June 20, 2008

Oral Presentation

Dear All,

For the whole of this week, we have seen presentations of Movie+Book Review by all the Form 4. I am happy to say that most of you have done well in presenting your thought and comments on the titles that you have chosen. Keep up the good work!

p/s: round 1 of oral is done...the 2nd round (2nd assessment) task will be announced soon;)

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Syazwani Fatkhi said...

Hi puan azura!! Iqbal here... Guess where i went? The land where people set up money allowance schemes which lasts them till they're 60 and then they kill themselves - Isles of Capri! Its by Naples, a UNESCO site. I don't know why, sebab Naples buruk gila. But, capri is quite nice. There was this chairlift thing... Giler tinggi. And all you do is sit on a chair, and, well, tak terlindung, so kalau u jatuh, then, kira jatuh bukit la.

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