Monday, February 25, 2008

The Lotus Eater

Lotus eaters are people who live an idle, comfortable life, like Wilson. They do not do any work and neither do they think or care very much abut anything else.

-quest for happiness
-fate determines our destiny.we can plan our life but we can't plan death.
- we are responsible for our life and mustn't depend on others.

-calm and matter-of-fact.
-tone shifts to sad when Wilson tries to kill himself
-atmosphere becomes bleak when Wilson dies later.

Point of View
-the narrator's point of view

Language & Style
-simple and straightforward.

Wilson decided to move to Capri to leave his boring routine in London.When he was in Capri, he led a 'routine' life like the one he had in London.

The hint of Wilson will dies when he is 60.

Wilson's way of life is compared to a wild animal's-He was like a wild animal.

The full moon=symbol of peace.

The story was set in the 20th century in Cari Island.

Thomas Wilson, The Narrator, The Landlady, The Narrator's friend.

Moral Values
-Life should be enjoyed and we must plan how to live our life meaningfully.
-Life is precious.We must take control of our lives.
-Happiness is not by leading an idle life. We must not be too complacent.

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