Monday, February 18, 2008

This Is How We Do it

How to Improve Your English Language

1) Use The Language

There are no shortcuts to learning a language. You have to totally immerse in it. Use English Language everywhere especially in school. If you are shy or unsure, begin with words and phrases, then sentences. You will be surprise how confident you are in speaking the language.

2) Be independent learners

Don't merely rely on me or your teachers to improve. I only see you few times a week, so you need to read more on your own and use the language.

3) Vocabulary notebook

Write down words and phrases that you learn each day. You can do this alphabetically or according to usage. Customize your notebook.Draw mind maps, picture, symbol, etc. Add new entries daily.

4) Invest in a good dictionary

Choose a dictionary that is portable and has examples of sentences and usage. Use them regularly, don't let them lying down collecting dust. My choice: Longman's Dictionary

5) Read more

You may start with reading about things that you are interested in. Read the newspaper daily to fill in your thirst for knowledge. For more serious reading, try reading letters to the Editor in the newspaper/magazines. You will learn to express your opinion, support your main ideas and give suggestions.

6) Have a journal / blog.

In order to improve, you have to write daily. Write at least 3 entries per week (by every Friday)

7) Speak in English

Practice makes perfect. Communicate with your parents, teachers and friends in English. Ask them to support your efforts so that you can have the confidence in the language.

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